Sap Upgrade Services

In today’s business world, organizations, challenged with huge demands in competition, globalization and regulations, seek new, innovative solutions that can improve their business performance.

SAP ERP 6.0 is the target release for customers considering upgrades to their current software.

SAP ERP 6.0 not only delivers powerful new functionality but also allows organizations to benefit from SAP’s new enhancement package strategy. With SAP enhancement packages, you can implement enhancements from SAP when you need it – without having to run a major upgrade project. With the service-enabled SAP ERP 6.0, organizations also have the required foundation for enabling enterprise SOA and future business information. Companies that upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0 can put enterprise services to work immediately to solve business challenges.

MYTecSoft is the trusted partner for business excellence and innovation by ensuring a high degree of success to upgrade projects. MYTecSoft’s strategy towards upgrade is not static and it is always designed dynamically based on the customer IT infrastructure and requirements.

MYTecSoft classifies upgrades as follows

  • Functional Upgrade
  • Technical Upgrade
  • Hardware Upgrade
Functional Upgrade

The changing requirements for business solutions demand continuous functional enhancements to the SAP software. SAP Release upgrades enables you to take advantage of these enhancements

Technical Upgrade

The programs written earlier in the system should be Unicode specific. Global business processes require IT systems to support multilingual data without any restrictions which is only possible via Unicode functionality.

Moreover with J2EE integration, mySAP.com e-business platform fully supports web standards and with Unicode, it now can take full advantage of XML and JAVA.

Only Unicode makes it possible to seamlessly integrate in homogenous SAP and non-SAP system landscapes, enabling truly collaborative business.

Hardware Upgrade

Hardware upgrades relate to sizing of new hardware and valuable recommendations when it comes to customer specific IT infrastructure requirements.

Functional Enhancements in SAP ERP 6.0 are

  • New application interfaces, Updated role-based access and greater use of Adobe Interactive forms
  • Better planning and forecasting tools, greater ability to account for investments and improved product costing module
  • Automated allocations and balancing by multiple dimensions
  • Enhanced contract accounting and collections
  • Improved support for recruiters
  • Improved online learning capabilities and support for knowledge management
  • Enhanced performance management and objective setting capabilities
  • Improved ability to operate a HR shared-service center
  • Improved purchasing self-services capabilities
  • Enhanced services procurement
  • Streamlined invoice management
  • Improve order entry process
  • Improved support for internet sales
  • Enhanced pricing and configuration
  • Improved entry and speed of expense reporting
  • Better travel planning and booking
  • Pre-delivered support for managing corporate property and rentals
  • Enhanced ability to monitor dangerous goods and materials
  • Improved ability to import rules and regulations from third party providers