Wires & Cable


Business Process Requirements in the Cable Industry

  • Handling of individual length along the supply chain
  • High number of material variants
  • Production of customized products vs. selling from stock
  • Cutting / Rewinding Process
  • Packaging and Reel Management
  • Tracking of individual pieces (Cable)
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Pricing

MYTecSoft Inc. provides industry solutions which enhances the SAP standard business applications with additional functionalities which are targeted to the unique challenges mentioned below in the manufacturing, distribution, and management of length-based materials.

MYTecSoft cable industry practice head and team have brought in real value-added solutions based on our industry experience while designing the template which is the innovative and scalable method of implementation based on customer expectations while reducing the implementation period.

MYTecSoft partners with the customers to ensure and drive business benefits by

  • Enabling accountability and profitability by project instead of by functional department
  • Strategic alignment of workforce to organizational objectives
  • Bringing strong work discipline and better compliance with business process
  • Providing greater flexibility to control production and business costs
  • Improving flow of information in daily operations

MYTecSoft Inc. strongly believes that our core competence and strengths lie in the cable industry vertical. To meet the growing needs in the cable industry, MYTecSoft Inc. decided to invest and expand the infrastructure and scale up the business experts to support the cable industries worldwide. This makes the MYTecSoft Inc. team more focused on the cable Industry.